MB, Bill Gates & Andrew Yang

Question guys:

What do the following well-known world characters have in common?

  1. MB
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Andrew Yang

We haven’t a clue MB.

OK lads. Your ignorance is wholly understandable. As you’re all probably not yet up to speed with today’s announcement that blogger-of-world-renown MB has endorsed Andrew Yang for the Democratic Party nomination for next President Of The United States (POTUS). MB actually featured AY in a recent blog post and needless to say, the twittersphere was in meltdown thereafter, as political pundits wondered if MB would go ‘whole hog’ and actually endorse the Asian guy who likes maths (or MATH as AY and the entire population of US so annoyingly refer to MATHS).

Anyway, notwithstanding the limited vocab of the Yankees (Asians & non), MB has nailed his colours to the Yang mast earlier today. It can’t be long before the world media orgs are beating a path to MB’s desert tent to discuss it all in more detail. MB is busy emailing them all at the mo, telling them all not to waste their time, as MB is just too damn busy with the day job. And as none of them are likely to part with a six-figure sum for a ten-minute interview with MB, MB just couldn’t be bothered with them. Khalas! (Arabic for ‘finito’).

And where exactly does Bill Gates come into all this MB? You’re killing us with the suspense.

You may very well ask lads. Fair question.

And this is where the whole story starts to grow legs and get, altogether, even more juicier.

MB noticed many celebs endorsing this donkey and that donkey in recent weeks. And with Yang having turned the entire debate in the direction of automation and the 4th industrial revolution, MB noticed, while others were looking down dark tunnels, that Bill Gates was conspicuous by his absence. Where was Bill??? MB kept asking himself.

Now MB is fully aware that Bill & Melinda are busy people. Dishing out oodles of cash for this good cause and that. And fair play to them both for all the dishing. But with Bill being a big-time-techie, MB though that Bill should at least enter the fray, and logically, to MB’s way of thinking at least, Bill should follow in the august footsteps on MB, and join the #yanggang.

So MB decided to call Bill out. In a respectful way of course, as one would expect from MB. With verbal flair and panache, and a little bit of poetry thrown in for good measure, as followers will now see.

MB hit Bill G with a Tweet!

Bill has not yet replied. Which is very understandable. And not because he is a very busy bee. Bill knows he is habiting the rarified air when he dances with MB. And he can’t be just spluttering out some semi-literate nonsense. Presumable, a couple of scriptwriters are on the case as we speak, composing and recomposing, and re-recomposing, if that’s what it’s called when one is on a third attempt.

Anyway, herewith the glorious tweet of MB:


As sharp-eyed followers can immediately see, MB decided on a mixture of young generation text-speak (“helleva” & “4m d gods”), politico-speak (“ideological baggage”) and poetry (“he’s d real deal I feel”). So it’s inconceivable that Bill does not respond in kind.

MB will be gracious, pretending that Bill actually composed his own reply to MB. When MB will know for sure that some RP guru r high-paid lawyer was employed to do d composin.  MB is nothing if he’s not gracious, after all.

So there you have it, lads.

MB. Bill Gates and Andrew Yang.

This story has a long way to run, MB feels. But when AY ends up as AY-POTUS, you’ll all remember the day the tables turned. The day the donkeys were put out to grass. The day you all saw the writing on d wall.

The day you all did the MATH/MATHS.

And don’t you forget it!