Weekly Photo Challenge – Layered


Bens photo challenge:
This week, share with us a layered image of your own. The topic is wide open, as long as you focus on the interplay of depth, density, and texture (or just choose one of these elements if you’d like). Strata of clouds, a shirt collar peeking through a sweater, a cross-section of an onion: you can keep your interpretation as literal or as figurative as you wish. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Depth

This week’s challenge is ‘Depth‘.

The Great Wall Of China:
One bright beautiful blue-sky morning In October 2009 MB walked on the Great Wall Of China. It’s an incredibly awe-inspiring structure and sight, as it winds it’s way into the mountainous distance, deep into the northern Chinese countryside. 8,850km (or 5,500 miles) deep to be exact. MB walked on a section which is about one hour drive outside Beijing. The wall is extremely steep in many locations as it snakes the contours of the mountain slopes, and a level of aerobic fitness is required to walk a reasonable length of it. Some, or most, of the English language signage along the wall is amusing! Read More