Lens Artist’s Photo Challenge – Filling the frame

Thanks to Patti for this week’s Filling the Frame challenge. 

You may have thought that there is no alcohol production in the Middle East. But if you did, you’re wrong!

MB was in Jordan a few weeks back, primarily to attend the wedding of a work colleague. Whilst the wedding was a ‘dry’ wedding, involving as it did two Muslim families, beer and alcohol generally are freely available in Jordan. On the day after the wedding, MB killed some time with a local friend visiting two great pubs. Both sold a Jordanian brewed craft beer called Carakale, after the local brewery that makes it.

And a damned fine tipple it is.


To check out the Carkale brewery, click HERE.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Favourite Things

Thanks to Julie Andrews for this week’s photo challenge – Favourite Things.

Sorry, that should have read Patti Moed!

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Three Free Beers

MB has just arrived back in the Middle East after two week break back home. Even if MB was not a native, he would still be impressed with Ireland and the Irish. Read More

Ireland Photo Of The Day Nr 4 – Reardons Bar, HX

Sunday night at HX. Barman Podge.


Photo Of The Day (12) – After The Game



Reardon’s Pub, Holycross