Korea – DMZ

When trouble’s a-brewing on the Korean peninsula, who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters – NOT!

No guys, you gonna call MB and daughter MB2 to take a trip, talk some Irish sense to the local Korean lads and lassies, and calm the whole situation right down.

So, around mid-May this year, with threats of nuclear annihilation and scorched earth very much in the news, MB and MB2 arrived under cover of Seoul evening twilight from the Middle East and Ireland respectively, made a quick let’s-sort-this-shit-out plan, jumped on a bus, and headed right into the heart of the DMZ between North and South.

It’s hardly a coincidence, that in recent months, the peninsula has been a whole lot quieter, with Mr & Mrs Kim now far more focused on preparing kimchi dishes and the finer things of Korean life more generally.

Yes Siree, peace is now restored and you didn’t read one single word of MB and MB2’s involvement in the international news. But that’s how MB and MB2 like to work. Under the radar. Quietly. Without fuss. Or American accents. The Irish way!

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