Weekly Photo Challenge: From above

From my hotel balcony. Hamra St, Beirut, Lebanon. February 2012.

Daughter of Dad Nr 2

Greetings to all  Something different this week lads. Guest blogger Miss L is having her say, at the invitation of MB. If you read last week’s ‘Marriage’ blog you will remember the story of Dad Nr 1 & 2. If you did not read it please take a moment to read in particular the story of Dad Nr 2.   Muchos gracias to Miss…


Greetings lads MB prepares to commence the weekly blog Good reaction to last week’s blogs, mashallah. DMc was amused with the tales of the Polygamist Jewelry maker Mohammad from Yemen. And a number of (single) ladies, not surprisingly, reacted most favourably to the ‘Arranged Marriage’ blog. MB will continue with the single topic blog lads, for as long as the Gods inspire him. But this week,…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi. Shot today 29 April 2014

Marriage – By arrangement

Are you married ladies? Have you found your Mr Perfect? Are you still looking? Maybe you found him and he didn’t turn out so perfect after all? If you can not find him, or you did and he was a donkey, why is this so? Are you the problem? Was he the problem? Maybe your interests/hobbies/age/IQ all combine to make the search a difficult…

Earth Day, 2013

Nagarkot, Nepal. October 2012.

Chicken Talata

Salam brothers & sisters (aka lads) Back in Dubai for few days and all is well. MB is going to follow this blog with first single subject blog post, and hopes will be of interest. It’s for the ladies mainly lads, so MB bit perturbed about its girlie nature. MB might have to start new blog under alias name to avoid ridicule at the Riyadh…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Sunrise over the Himalayas, Nepal. October 2012. Beat that!

Who knows what’s round the corner?!

Warm greetings to you all lads Weather improving at home, and getting hotter out here by the day. Late 30s most days at hottest time (bit of weather talk from MB). In future lads MB will try to introduce some single subject blog posts. MB is attempting to get his blog to appear on a section of the website where good stuff gets posted…

It’s a scream

Msa al khair lads Inshallah you are all in good health lads and have big smiles on your multicultural faces. God only knows home many nationalities the HX Blog now goes out to lads. Masha’allah! It’s become almost impossible to keep track of it. Think was approx 30 nationalities last time we checked. But since MB went on this new Blog site, and became…


Greetings lads Hope all well with kith & kin. MB arrived back in Saudi on Wednesday after 10 days in Dubai. Apologies for all the spelling mistakes & typos in last week’s effort lads. Made the corrections in due course but alas after I published. Also had thought might mention a few small things to you this week that might make the blog reading…

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

For me its a Middle East construction project: The End!


Dia Dhuit lads Hope all in the full of your health. The lads head for prayer MB arrived back in Dubai on Sunday last and has a few more days left in the Desert Oasis before his return to Saudi. Dubai is looking good, full of tourists and lots of activities for all.The biggest event of the annual Dubai social calendar takes place this…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Future Tense Taken in Jeddah Old Town, Saudi Arabia, few months back.