Trip Home: Photo of the day (6) – Graves

St John’s Church Knockainey, Limerick, Ireland. Graveyard tour 27 June 2013. Earliest graves date from the 16th century. One headstone states that John Murphy, deceased, lived 219 years.


4 Comments on “Trip Home: Photo of the day (6) – Graves

  1. For some reason, the reference to John Murphy living to 219 reminded me of the opening lyrics from “Gravedigger” by DMB.

    “Cyrus Jones 1810 to 1913
    Made his great grandchildren believe
    You could live to a hundred and three
    A hundred and three is forever when you’re just a little kid
    So Cyrus Jones lived forever” …

    Found your blog through the Dimwit Diaries. Loving it.


    • Thanks for kind words Gypsy. And big thanks to Mr Dimwit himself for giving me a plug. I will post up pic of that gravestone in next weekend’s blog. Took a pic of it sometime last year. The print on the stone is very clear so there is no confusion. It says what it says. So you will now have to become a ‘follower’ to get to see it (hehehe!!!).


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