Lens-Artist’s photo challenge – Sanctuary

Thanks to Xenia for this week’s ‘Sanctuary’ challenge. Check out her post HERE.

When MB thinks of the word ‘sanctuary’ he immediately thinks of his much-younger-then-her-years mom back in Ireland. COVID days, for the elderly in particular, were and continue to be, tough days. There was a spell some time back when MB’s moms age group were confined to their homes and needed the good deeds of others for daily necessities. Thankfully, MB’s mom received same in abundance.

Her sanctuary has been her garden and the family farm. The land is now rented out for others to farm but the green fields are still available for daily strolls. The house lawn & garden provides a flower and shrub-clad sanctuary to sit and rest, or to plant new additions acquired from a nearby garden centre.

Here’s to you Ma!

The family farmhouse where MB grew up and where mom of MB still resides. MB can’t wait to get home, sooner rather than later he hopes! This pic was taken one cold March 2019 afternoon.

9 Comments on “Lens-Artist’s photo challenge – Sanctuary

  1. What a beautiful home – and lovely for your mother to sit in the open outdoors there. indeed difficult times for the old people.

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  2. Its a very nice big villa, and the picture reflect the cold weather of that March, I like it!
    I’m sure MB misses going home, and misses his mom too.
    Hopefully soon, and important is staying safe all of them!

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  3. What a lovely retreat she has there Micheal – it could surely be much worse. I’m guessing it was a wonderful place to grow up! I think the worse thing about the pandemic is our inability to be with family. We’ve not seen our kids since February as they are several states away, nor my brothers and their families since Christmas. Now I’m just hoping to see them all THIS Christmas. Who ever thought it would go so long???


  4. MB
    It’s so difficult with our elderly parents. My mother (aged 97) is in a nursing home, and cannot receive visitors. The one highlight of her week is when we have a ‘video call’. She really believes that we are with her, as she says ‘safe journey home’……
    It’s so difficult for the olduns. Not good for their mental well-being.
    We were marooned in Prague for 19 weeks (planned 12 days) as there were no flights. So the FaceTime with my mother was so important. Fingers crossed we get back to normal cuddles with our parents soon…..

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  5. What a blissful safe haven for your mother in these extraordinary times MB and so lovely she was well cared for when confined to home. Thank you for sharing this beautiful sanctuary with us here and may you soon be able to join your Ma there too 🙏


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