Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Morning

Thanks to Ann-Christine for the Morning challenge.

Morning of 08 August 2013.

MB finds himself on the highest point in Lipton’s Tea Plantation in central Sri Lanka, developed by Sir Thomas Lipton in 1890. MB had visited on the previous evening to catch some sunset shots and had booked the Tuktuk for 5am on the following morning to return once more to catch the sunrise. The highest point is the location of the famous ‘Lipton’s Seat’ where Sir Thomas would come of a morning or evening to look out over the vase plantation and stunning scenery that stretches out into the endless distance.

One of the highlights of the visit to Liptons Seat is to sit and drink the best quality ‘Orange Pekoe’ black Sri Lankan tea from a small tea hut that sits only a short walk from the Seat. And also to drink in the scenery and the atmosphere all around.

On that particular morning, having sat in the Seat and taken in the incredible surrounding countryside in silence, a cup of tea never tasted so good in MB’s entire life.

If one is ever lucky enough to visit Sri Lanka, a trip to the plantation is a ‘high recommend’ from MB, even though it’s far removed from the more popular tourist destinations and takes a good degree of effort to get there.

MB wrote a post called ‘Time for Tea’ following his 2013 trip about his adventures at Lipton’s Plantation and in the nearby small hilltop town called Halutale. Followers can read it HERE.



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