Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge – Simplicity

Thanks to Patty for the gorgeous SIMPLICITY challenge. See here effort HERE.

Many have recently come to realise how much they miss going for a simple walk. In Ireland, the recent rule imposes a 2km maximum distance one can travel from one’s home. Those who live within 2km of the HX lake back home are happy. Those who do not, are not!


3 Comments on “Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge – Simplicity

  1. Hi Patty. Arrest by police and prosecution for breaches. Not sure what the punishment is, but the measures have overwhelming public support. Exclusions include shopping, pharmacy, med appointments and essential work. As for me, I live and work in Qatar in the Middle East, approx 7,500km from the lake, so we’ll outside the 2km limit! Photo is from a few years back. Thanks and keep well.


  2. Wow, I must admit that makes no sense to me at all! What is the difference how far one walks so long as one maintains the proper distance?! Thus far, no such rule here at our town. It looks like a beautiful spot, I wish they’d open the ability to walk to it!

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