Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Treasure Hunt

Thanks to Tina for her Treasure Hunt challenge. Click HERE to view Tina’s offerings from her past travels around the globe. Well worth doing so. Some really stunning shots on view.

MB gives HX & Photo Challange fans a far more modest offering.

In her younger days, on trips with dad, daughter of MB, MB2, would dread hearing – It’s Churchs and Temples day today. But in more recent times, now at the ripe old age of 19, maybe some of dad’s enthusiasm for places of worship have rubbed off on MB2, and she is not so fast to shout – NOT AGAIN DAD!!!

Anyway, MB considers visits to such places on his various trips to be moments of pure gold, and they are the subject matter of many MB trip pics.

Like this one for example.

Location anyone?

FYI – Shot on MB’s Huawei Mate 30 Pro phone. Awesome shot MB. Thanks lads!

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15 Comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Treasure Hunt

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  2. MB, so nice to come across you!! I’ve missed you. I have no idea where your shot is, but I like it. Hope all’s well with you and yours. Don’t make a stranger of yourself.



  3. Nice photo. I’ve just looked at more photos of mosques than ever in my life, thanks to Google, but I can’t spot it. I must remember to stop back for the big reveal.


    • Alas, you were barking up the wrong tree Mr John! That’s a Christian cross on the roof of the dome, not a crescent moon, albeit almost impossible to make it out! But God (& MB) loves a trier. So your fruitless search is now, herewith, rewarded by the noble MB. The church (not a mosque!) is the Orthodox Church of St Sava, in Belgrade, Serbia – the primary church of the Serbian Orthodox church. MB was thinking that not many HX followers have Serbian mud on their boots, so he wasn’t expecting anyone to guess it, in truth. But now you know!

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      • 🤣😃😀👍 HA! It’s perhaps noteworthy that, without seeing enough surrounding area to spot, or not, minarets, the basic design is similar to many mosques. An excellent brain teaser.


  4. Gorgeous image Micheal – I’m guessing its the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Right at the top of my bucket list. Have seen many images but yours includes both accent lights and a pedestrian at the blue hour making it really special


    • Hi Tina. Wrong! My shot maybe creates a larger-than-life perspective. But you must get to Istanbul. It’s truly a world city of vast history and right up your street. A wonder of wonders. Certainly in my top three, and close to Nr 1. So much around the Hagia Sophia to see and shoot, both overground and underground. Amazing place. Happy trip – in andance!


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