Amman – Red Bull Soapbox Race

On the day after the Amman wedding (the subject of MBs previous post), MB met up with a young Jordanian friend who also happened to live in Amman. As good fortune would have it, MB’s young friend and some pals were taking part in a Red Bull-sponsored Soapbox Cart Race on a sloping street in a supurb of the city not too far from MBs hotel.

There were steep embankments on either side of the race-road which made for a nice vantage point from which to watch the occasion and to take some shots, as MB did. The temps were quite hot on the day, so after taking some shots down at street level, MB made his way up one of the embankments, perched himself under a leafy branch and chatted to the local police guys who were on security duty. The police guys job was actually to keep people like MB away from the embankments for safety reasons, but upon seeing MBs camera & zoom lens, and upon hearing his explaining (in pigeon Arabic) that he had a friend in the race, the police guys cut some slack to MB and complimented MB on his excellent (mumtaz) Arabic language skills!

Thanks to young Jordanian friend HEM for the invitation and hospitality on the day. The following are a selection of MB shots which give a flavour of the scenes and the occasion:



















2 Comments on “Amman – Red Bull Soapbox Race

  1. The English language brings out the best in the Irish. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter. They hurl it at the sky like a paint pot full of rainbows, and then make it chant a dirge for man’s fate and man’s follies that is as mournful as misty spring rain crying over the fallow earth.
    T E Kalem – On Brendan Behan’s 1958 play Borstal Boy, quoted in a Time advertisement, NY Times 17 Mar 79

    Enough said! MB


  2. MB. Am impressed. I had no idea that you spoke Arabic. It must be so hard to learn and to speak as it is such a ‘guttural’ sound – a bit like clearing ones throat after a bad cold. 😂
    Seriously, I think it’s so important to be able to converse in the language of the country where you live. Shame you didn’t learn the Queen’s English when you lived in England….🤣
    Take care old friend.


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