Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Seascape

Thanks to Amy to the for the Seascapes/Lakeshore challenge. MB accepts!

MB could give you all some awesome lakeside shot from his HX homeland or some mind-blowing Atlantic Ocean shot from Ireland’s western coastline. But you’ve all seen them in the past, and will no doubt see more in the future.

So what are you gonna give us MB???

MB is scratching his head here lads!!!




Just imagine,

If you were in the navy……

Just imagine,

The seascapes you would sea,

Day in day out.

Get to the point MB,

Just get to the point, for God’s sake!

Ok lads,

Imagine if you were in the navy,

And you decided to write a song,

Do you think you might call it,

In The Navy?????

Yes MB, we just might call it that.

And your point is MB????

Well lads, at MB’s Maastricht concert last week, he saw a Village People tribute act perform YMCA, In the Navy & Go West.

Stop MB. Stop right there. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Are you telling us you’re gonna give us some dodgy video you shot on your dodgy Chinese phone in Holland last week??? And expect us to accept that offering as this week’s PHOTO challenge??? You’re taking the Mick MB. Taking the Mick completely. Surely you are!!!!!

Ok, ok lads. MB admits he’s stretching this week’s challenge to its elastic limit.

To its breaking point MB. Beyond breaking point. Strooth!!!!!!

Ok lads. Please forgive MB’s taking some ‘poetic’ license with this week’s challenge. He will revert to par-for-the-course mode next week.


But irrespective of all the foregoing………………

From MB to his HX followers:

André Rieú, his 1676 Stradivarius Violin, the Johanne Strauss Orchestra and Village People.

Pump up the volume!


(and watch in full-screen FGS!)







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