Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Unique

Thanks to Amy for this week’s Unique photo challenge.

We are all unique MB guesses, but some are far more unique than others.

Take Mother Teresa for example. A unique lady for sure. A Christian nun. Founder of the religious order of the Missionaries of Charity. A Nobel Peace Prize winner. And in 2016, a Saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

Question to all – Does anybody know where MT was born?

Albania, MB.

No lads. MT was born and baptised in the city of Skopjé, in the present-day Republic of North Macedonia. To Albanian parents.

Is that the place you visited a few weeks back MB?

Yes lads, it surely is.

It’s appeared in most of your posts since your trip MB. Is there any world event that does not have its origin in, or some close connection to, Skopjé and/or North Macedonia, MB?

Not many lads. Not many at all.

Anyway lads, as MB was saying, MT was born in Sjopjé. Which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. In the year 1910. When she was 18 years old, she headed to Ireland, to the Loreto Convent in Rathfarnham, near Dublin, learning all about St Patrick & St Bridget, etc. Six years later she went to India, first to Darjeeling and later to Calcutta where she became a figure of world renown, caring for the poor and the sick. She died in September 1997.

In the city of Skopjé today, there is a house in the city centre dedicated to her memory. In the city centre square, not far from that house, the authorities have marked the four corners of the small family house where MT was born, the house being long long gone. It might be a tourist scam by the locals, but MB doubts that. MT is revered locally by all.

So that’s MB’s answer to this week’s ‘unique’ challenge. Hit ‘like’ if you think MB nailed the challenge. Hit ‘like’ twice if you love MB loads and want him to rule the universe. Joking lads!







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