Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Elements

Thanks to Amy for this week’s challenge – Elements. Amy lists the 5 basic elements as considered by the Chinese, being metal, wood, water, fire and earth. MB will choose Earth and will take a little license on the theme to give followers another shot from MB’s Malta exploits of some 2 weeks ago.

The below shot was taken inside St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valetta Malta, one of the foremost Cathedrals of the world. The interior ornate finishing of the Cathedral is considered one of the foremost examples of high Baroque architecture in Europe.

The shot shows the floor of the Cathedral which is covered entirely in marble tombstones, just short of 400,  covering the bodies of long-dead prominent Knights and Officers of the Order of St John, buried in the earth underneath. Each Tombstone is inscribed with the crest, coat of arms and epitaph of the individual knights. The Cathedral is, understandably, one of Malta’s foremost tourist attractions.



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