The Cliffs of Moher

In 2011 the world voted for the new seven wonders of the natural world from amongst a list of 28 finalists. The Cliffs of Moher was the single Irish entry but it was not amongst the winners.

The cliffs are located near the villages of Liscannor and Doolin in County Clare on Ireland’s western coastline and are approximately 90 minutes drive from HX (useful info for followers 2019 HX visit). They stretch some 14km in length and range between 400 and 800 feet in height (plus/minus).

The small castle that sits on the edge of the cliffs (shown in one of the below pics) is called O’Brien’s Tower. It was built in 1835 by local landlord and politician Sir Cornellius O’Brien, a member of the British Parliament (the entire island of Ireland was part of the United Kingdom at that time, Dublin being referred to as the second city of the British Empire).

The reason for O’Brien’s construction of the tower, according to historians, throws up two theories. Theory Nr 1 states that he built it for the public to greater enjoy the views from atop the higher vantage point of the tower. Theory Nr 2 states that the amorous Irishman built it to impress the young ladies he was chasing. And what young lady would not be wooed by a smooth-talking Irishman asking “would you like to come back to my cliff-top castle for a coffee?”. MB is sure that theory Nr 2 is correct. But historians are not convinced.


The below shots were taken by MB at approximately midday on St Stephen’s Day, 26 December, just a few days back. The sky was very overcast so the shots are so-so. MB will return at some future Summer evening to catch the setting suns rays light up the westward facing cliffs. Watch this space!











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    • Perhaps you could put in a bid Mr Tim. Might be of interest to the authorities. The scaffolding should be an interesting challenge. The power washing after that will be a doddle!


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