Happy Christmas

To anyone who read one or more of MB’s blog posts during the year, or liked, or commented, or shared, or interacted in any way – Big thanks for all the crack during 2018.

Giving you all a Christmas Carol from last years Christmas Carol service back in the local church in HX land. One of the choir member friends of MB was telling him over an after-service celebratory tipple in a local pub on the night that the choir suffered a collective panic attack on the first night at choir practice when they were handed the words of Adiemus and informed they would be singing it on carol service night!

Having researched it after the event, MB discovered that the song was written by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins and it premiered in a TV advert of Delta Airlines! The words actually have no meaning and are not some African dialect as MB had previously thought. They were written simply to create the sound of another instrument.


Big Happy Christmas to all from MB, who is homeward bound in a few days.

Herewith, the Grange Church Choir from December 2017:

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