It’s the weekend

Last weekend MB went to the ballet Cinderella. The same Cinderella who fled the ball before midnight and left her slipper behind.

Yes, that one.

MB noticed that many parents had brought their daughters to the show. Cinderella was categorised as a ‘family’ show and younger kids were allowed to attend. All dreaming, as MB could see in their young faces, of becoming Cinderella and finding a Prince.

The way life always works out.

N’est pas?!

The ballet was performed over two nights by the visiting Suzhou Ballet Company from China, with music performed by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. Yes indeedie folks, Qatar is indeed the place of culture.

In the ballet version of the story (by some Russian ballet director/producer from long long time back) the Step-Mother and Ugly Sisters are just as bitchy (ballet bitches!) as in the fairy tale. But in the end, Cinderella forgives them all, which MB guesses is easy enough to do when one has a Prince for a husband, a large castle to live in, hundreds of servants and endless wealth. If the Prince had chosen one of the sisters, how would she have reacted??? One to ponder.

MB wishes to take this opportunity to address a query from follower Robbo related to a recent post which also featured the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

Robbo queried the taking photos at the show by MB, raising the premise that it was probably not allowed. He further pointed out, that in all probability, MB would get booted out of most shows in the UK or elsewhere for taking snaps. MB had a careful read of the Programme on this occasion before taking out his Sony RX 100 M6, and noted that only flash photography was forbidden.

As flash photography is for amateurs, compliance was easy peasy for MB! Satisfied Mr Robbo?!

Anyway, here’s a pic or two from the evening:





8 Comments on “It’s the weekend

  1. I never want to read another ballet review unless you’ve written it, MB. Brilliant! I did ponder your question — “If the Prince had chosen one of the sisters, how would [Cinderella] have reacted???” — and would like to propose my libretto for CindeRambo, a combat-ballet in three acts. It won’t be suitable for children, I’m afraid, but it will at least be much more representative of real life.


  2. (If Cindrella was a guy!)

    That’s what I think about this story! Rebel Girls Power! Hooray🤣🤣🤣:)) And please don’t misunderstan me MB! My expostulation is not for you! I object the passive identity to imposed on women …


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