Doha Corniche

MB’s below shot is a close-up of part of the skyline of Doha’s Corniche (seafront). The view towards the sea at night throws up the outlines and lights of Arabic dhow boats taking tourists out for a short spin on the Arabian sea, which is somewhat flat and a tad boring. But if one turns one’s head, then one catches the below far more exciting – some would say – view.

The 5km corniche circumference is fully pedestrianised and is a haven for joggers and families out for a walk, at weekends in particular once the sun goes down. MB regularly walks and runs its length. FYI – The yellow building is known locally, colloquially, as ‘The Condom’!



6 Comments on “IT’S THE WEEKEND

  1. It is a good night shooting. Congrats Mr.! I think we used to work hard to make night shootings with SLR technology in the past. Now It is possible to get very successful results with DSLR cameras.


    • Thanks L. Not DSLR actually. A new-to-market Sony compact camera – RX100 vi. An amazing camera. Night shots especially are brilliant. Hope all good.


      • Thanks everything is well for me. I hope for you ? And yes i looked into the camera you mentioned. Yes it looks tiny skilled semi-professional digital camera. But i always prefer Nikon. It is the best for me… (my first camera was Leica and then i always used Nikon.)

        Well i want to ask youdid you ever use the exposure meter? So did you enjoy taking pictures like this?


  2. What a stunning skyline that is! I imagine it must be quite a sight indeed from out at sea — even with the giant yellow condom. 🙂

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