History & Tasty Ale

MB watched the movie Lincoln on a flight from Doha to Edinburgh in Scotland earlier today.

He has by now traveled by train to Lancaster in NE UK. The actual reason for his visit will be the subject matter of a subsequent post, but at the moment, as he composes this post, MB sits in an olde Lancastrian pub, sipping a local ale called Black Sheep. It’s very tasty, and another will shortly be called.

MB had not previously seen the Lincoln movie, featuring as it does, arguably the greatest living male actor, Daniel Day Lewis. It’s a truly fine movie. DDL, as it happens, lives in Ireland and holds an Irish passport, although he is English by birth and also holds a native UK passport. He likes the tranquility of Ireland and the way of life, as far as MB knows. And the characters that he meets in his daily life.

In the movie, Mr Lincoln mentions the humorous story of a painting of George Washington hanging on the toilet wall of an English Lord’s manor. GW was born in February 1732, which MB knows as a fact because he just looked it up. Washington’s war against the Brit’s resulted in the US Declaration of Independence on 02 July 1776, although the text was not approved until 04, the date the Yankee doodles celebrate their Independence Day each year.

So what’s your point MB, exactly?

Well lads, the name of the olde pub where MB is currently sipping tasty ale is the Robert Gillow, a furniture maker from these parts who lived from 1704 to 1772. His furniture business started trading in 1720, twelve years before the birth of Washington.

And your point is MB?

Well lads, there isn’t any real point, other than to tell you all of two happenings from the life of MB from today, 08 September 2018. Both have a link back to the same 1700s era. Other than that, MB just wants you all to know that all is well with MB in the north of England and the ale is tasty. Imbibing tasty ale can make a man want to impart such thoughts on occasion.


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