Weekly Photo Chalenge – Place in the world

Place in the World.

When one lives the expat life, one’s thought very often turn to home. Regardless of how busy or good or great life has become in the adopted country, the littlest snippets of news from home and the homeland are welcomed like nuggets of pure gold.

The below photo features an old ruin which lies across the road from MBs parental farmhouse home, known locally as ‘Crokers’, on account of the family that once resided within. It has featured in many of MB’s past posts. Croker’s is synonymous, in MB’s brain, with his true place in the world. Home is where the heart is, after all. Truly it is.



7 Comments on “Weekly Photo Chalenge – Place in the world

  1. I seem to recall walking around Crokers when I stayed on your parents farm! I have a photo somewhere of MB and me, posing with make-shift walking sticks. More than likely after a glass or two of something……


  2. To make a longing for the home and homecountry and missing the our beloved ones. I know these feelings.
    I wish you have everything you love with your health.

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  4. I LOVE this image, MB! It’s so wistful and dreamlike, as if your memories themselves are partially concealed by the mists of time. Just glorious.


    • Early misty morning shot H. There is a new house to the right which I was trying to keep out of the shot. But the bush under the ruin is slightly distracting – to be a little critical. Regardless, I like it also. Thanks for the comment. Regards.

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