Weekly Photo Challenge – Unlikely


Hey lads. Did MB ever tell you about his audition for the movie part of James Bond?

You’re kidding MB, surely you’re joking? Are you serious?

Yes, lads. Seriously. 00MB. Licensed to thrill.

The studio was looking for a sexy-looking spy-type male for the 2002 Bond Movie, Die Another Day. Yes even back then, Holywood had cottoned on the magnetic allure and charm of MB, and wanted in on some of his action. Having breezed through all the auditions (what else would you expect lads), it was down to the final two, MB & Pierse Brosnan. MB & PB had gotten on reasonably well it must be said, both being Irish hunks,  good with automatic weapons and supremely confident in their own skins.

Anyway, the studio suddenly landed MB & PB half way up Mount Blanc in southern France, near the ski village of Chamonix. A short train ride later and the two 00s were suddenly smack bang in glacier territory. MB could immediately see that PB had a fear of heights, snow, ice, ski boots, ice cream and was obviously susceptible to altitude sickness. Growing up at sea level in Navan, Ireland, and not being nearly as well travelled as MB, PB was suddenly on thin ice, so to speak, in the midst of the thick-ice glacial landscape.

Anyway, MB is nothing if not a merciful and generous soul and took pity on his fellow-countryman.

MB can see that you want the part pretty badly PB, said MB to the white-as-glacial-ice PB. I sure do MB but I’m struggling, said the ghostly-white but honest PB. To be honest PB, MB is not at all sure if the movie star lifestyle, the mega riches and all would suit his humble demeanour and persona. Just imagine attending all those Oscar parties, and winning all those Oscar gongs, and giving all those speeches, and collecting all those multi-million dollar cheques, in the full glare of the international spotlight? No, on further reflection, it’s not for MB, said MB to the grateful-as-hell PB.

And that is the true story of how MB went on to become a world-famous blogger, having turned his back on the bright lights of Holywood, and how PB went on to have a successful movie career.

Are you likely to try for another movie-hero part MB?

No lads, MB is only into blogging now. So it’s unlikely. Most unlikely.

A shot taken from inside the glacier at Chamonix, southern France, where MB & PB’s future fates were sealed. And the rest, as they say, is history!



2 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Unlikely

  1. Ooo really. It must be so wonderfull experience MB. Please send me a photo with your sign:))
    I like the depth of the field you captured in the photo and backlight exposure balance very much. Congratulations.

    Liked by 1 person

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