Weekly Photo Challenge – Prolific


One of MB’s favourite cities is Istanbul. With a population of over 15M people, the locals need to be prolific food producers. And they certainly are. The street markets and city food shops are jaw-droppingly spectacular and are not just for shopping. They are for ambling around, gazing, sampling, and enjoying. And for taking zillions of photos of course!

MB could show you zillions of Istanbul food photos, but a gives you just one, of a simple basket of cheeses:


6 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Prolific

  1. Absolutely you should try Eagean cuisine. If you come to Turkey, i can be a voluntry guide for my country and our cousine:)) Turkish cuisine has a great and deep history. Thousands of options are available for every taste. In fact, stripped to anyone wishing to consult about Turkey’m ready to help as much as possible.

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