Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved


MB delves into the world of Middle East politics for this weeks photo challenge. The topic is one he has covered previously, but the photo not.

Since the blockade of Qatar by neighbouring states on 05 June 2017 (which continues to the present day with no end in sight) there has been a huge outpouring of love and support within Qatar for their home ‘team’. The neighbours seem to have grossly underestimated their own strength & power, and it is said they considered that Qatar would suffer economic collapse within a few months of the blockade. The opposite has happened. Turkey, Lebanon, Iran & others have all stepped up to the plate with the supply of consumer and industrial goods, and Qatar has kick-started a policy of self-reliance by encouraging local manufacture of products that were previously imported. An external attack of the Qatari currency (the Riyal) also appears to have failed, as Qatar has imposed limits on Riyal transactions.

A cult of personality has developed around the young Emir of Qatar, young by the standards of other regional rulers. Murals and pictures of the Emir adorn numerous buildings and public places, where inhabitants can write their names or express their love & support of Qatar and the Emir. MB took the following shot in a Doha shopping mall a few months back, which gives followers a flavour:



4 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved

  1. What a fascinating take on this challenge, MB! I always appreciate both your photos and your reports from halfway across the world.


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