The Prayer

The Prayer

Followers will find a version of ‘The Prayer’ on Youtube by Andre Bocelli & Celine Dion. The version MB now gives you is by HX ladies JD & NOS from the Christmas Carol service at Grange Church on Sunday evening last. MB knows which version he prefers.

5 Comments on “The Prayer

  1. Oh, MB … that video you posted is simply gorgeous! How lucky you are to have such beautiful music at your Christmas Carol service. I hope your holiday was lovely as well. Cheers to you, and thank you for bringing some extra beauty to your readers’ day today.

    PS: Get Outlook for Android, will you please? 🙂


      • I’m sorry about that Outlook for Android addition, MB. I was just tagging onto the previous puzzling comment as a cheeky joke. Unfortunately I have no idea what it means either, so we’ll both just have to add it to our list of Mysteries of the Universe.


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