HX – Bucking the trend

MB is back in his Irish homeland mere days and he already received gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh in the newly reopened HX shop and filling station. Well, in truth, he received a free cup of coffee from manager TOC, and did not actually received any of the aforementioned metal or spices. TOC, MB is now thinking, could easily have been one of the three wise men, had he lived back in the ‘Bethlehem/bright star in the sky’ days. But anyway……….

Jokes aside, MB was hugely pleased to hear of the reopening of the new ‘Xpress Stop’ facility a few weeks before his return home, as it creates a focal point once more in his HX community that was sadly missed since its closure a few years back. Older people in the community, in particular, got to meet neighbours and friends in that shop and learn of local news and gossip, and who was getting married and what baby was born and who had died and what time the funeral was on. Etc.

With much of rural Ireland losing shops, post offices and other facilities, HX is certainly bucking the trend of rural decline. Not surprising, MB guesses, when the locality has a world-renowned blogger in its midst spreading the bright HX news, week in week out, throughout the four corners of the flat-earth globe. It was only a matter of time, MB is  now thinking, before the HX shop and filling station performed its ‘Lazuras’ act. And so it has come to pass.

Anyway, notwithstanding MB’s vastly over-inflated sense of his own importance, he wishes TOC and all the ‘Xpress Stop’ staff the very best with the new venture. Onwards and upwards.

HX abu!

IMAG0819IMAG0821IMAG0820IMAG0818 (1)


4 Comments on “HX – Bucking the trend

  1. Mike good that ur back in HX country. Even better that you traded the camera for a keyboard ( ur old ways ) More text even if its ur usual shite …. and less photo content nonsense if u don’t mind. Thanks a bunch. K.


    • Festive greetings PM. And big HX regards and greetings to you and yours. And mucho thanks for the blog-direction guidance. MB aims to keep the punters pleased at all times of course PM, and would love to include more text, as he actually prefers the writing over the camera. The creative literary juices are flowing on MB’s return to the Emerald Isle for sure. Such motivation is missing to a large degree in the ME where there is somewhat of a dearth of interesting topics, unless MB were to enter some war zone solely for the amusement of PM – which he is slow to do. So for the moment at least PM, faithful followers of MB and his HX nonsense like yourself will just have to put up with a preponderance of photo shite and less, very sadly, of the MB ‘Oscar Wilde’ wit and ‘James Joyce’ style deadly prose. Have a good 2018!


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