Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded


Residents of the USA will be familiar with the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas. In Dubai, the fountains of the Dubai Mall, next to the Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building), are similar, but bigger. The choreographed movements of the water to some great musical pieces are accompanied by flashing lights along the entire length of the Burj K. The fountains, music and light show is a spectacular sight as you dine in one of the many open-air cafes facing the fountain area, or just observe from the piazza.

This shot was taken by MB sometime in 2012 in early-evening. One must, however, see them in the darkness of night to fully appreciate the spectacle.



6 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded

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  2. Happy Wednesday, MB. This shot looks like a photo of a city in a futuristic sci-fi movie. I can well imagine those waters are spectacular at night. Waiting now for a shot of that. 🙂


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    • Thanks J. If you watch the Tom Cruise movie: Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, you will see some spectacular scenes from the Burj Khalifa (‘Burj’ is Arabic for ‘tower’ BTW) and I think the fountains are also visible below. My shot does not do justice to the spectacle however (unusual for you MB – I can hear you say!). My shot is from a cafe in the adjacent mall quite a long way away. When up close at night the water/light/music show is incredible. Good to hear from you Mrs J!

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