Foto Friday – Views from the castle

MB has some external shots of the Crusader Castle at Byblos, Lebanon, somewhere in his photo library, from a previous visit of a few years back, but he is too lazy to search for them. So, for today’s Foto Friday post, MB gives HX followers some shots that he took last week, from atop the castle, of the surrounding countryside, without any shots of the actual castle itself.

Some of the views are quite typical of the Lebanese coastline, countryside, and townscapes.

MB mentioned in a previous post that the Crusaders demolished a nearby Roman temple and used some of the chopped up circular stone columns within the castle walls at ground level, next to the castle entrance. This is the only location where the circular stones are visible, so MB supposes that this was some sort of psychological show of force by the Romans to the natives.


View of the Mediterranean Sea


Some of the remaining walls from the ancient ruins/habitation at Byblos


A view towards Jbail 


The stone column remains of a Roman temple.





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