Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure


Jen has thrown down the gauntlet to all this week with the word ‘structure’, showing us some impressive leaves. Well, MB is well up for the challenge and steps up to the plate with a mighty structure indeed. The greatest man-made structure on the planet – The Great Wall of China (horns blaring in the background).

Seriously MB? You’ve been to the great wall? You’ve actually walked upon it? Did you, by any chance, actually build it?

Yes. Yes. And yes again lads, to the first three questions. And no, MB did not actually build the wall, to answer the fourth.

MB has indeed been to the great wall and walked the walk. Now he can talk the Great Wall talk. Are you, by any chance, any relation of Conor McGregor MB? You sure talk a lot. No relation at all lads, but I believe ‘The Notorious’ is given to using some of MB’s catch phrases now and again. But being an Irish brother, MB is not going to get upset about that. Nor slap him for doing so. Anyway, back to the matter at hand…..

MB visited the Great Wall in October 2009. The leaves on the mountain trees were a rusty autumnal hue and the weather on the day was beautifully crisp and clear, a day that was heaven sent.

Walking the Wall is an experience never to be forgotten. The slopes on the roadway at the top of the wall are surprisingly steep, and MB watched many an overweight tourist puffing and panting, holding their heaving chests, as MB skipped past them like some Irish mountain goat.

So, dear followers, a photo gift from MB for you all (trumpets blaring at ear-splitting levels in the background). Note – MB has not come to this week’s photo challenge to take part, he has come to take over:



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