Foto Friday – The view of & from Le Château

HX followers were left agog following publication two days back of MB’s Photo Challenge post. What lay beyond that teasing and tantalising ‘château’ shot? – numerous followers were asking (too numerous to mention of course). Sleepless nights have been the order of the day, since Wednesday night last (some sentence MB!). At least MB assumes that was the case. 

Anyway. MB now takes followers geographically beyond his ‘photo challenge’ shot. He now gives followers the full monty, in terms of le château structure itself, and the view from the small rear courtyard (you are so giving MB).

Le château, en fait, is nothing to write home about. In Ireland, it would hardly warrant the ‘castle’ title. Seems Les Francais throw around ‘château’ titles like confetti at a wedding. That’s les Francais for you, MB is thinking!




3 Comments on “Foto Friday – The view of & from Le Château

  1. Thank you for responding to the hordes’ clamoring demands, MB! (We joke, but I really do think your wit and observations deserve hordes of followers!)


    • Thanks H. I shall take your words in the true spirit of their composition – fawning worshipful adulation. Alas MB’ follower numbers disprove your theory. The world is indeed a very sad place! But keep the comments coming H. Bit like a MacDonald’s meal – I’m lovin it!!!

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      • Oh, if only you could see how I grovel and fawn in worshipful adoration, MB! I hope my enthusiasm makes up for some of the other people who just don’t have the sense to follow, read, and enjoy your posts as much as I do.

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