Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth


This week Cheri is asking for a scene that honours the outdoors.

Well, in Ireland we have tonnes and tonnes of nature, and tonnes of outdoors, all green and naturey. Is ‘naturey’ a word MB? Did anyone ask that question to James Joyce? MB replies. And quit with the inane questions lads. Pleezze.

Anyway, there is so much nature in Ireland, we can say that nature is second nature to the Irish. That’s clever MB. Yes, MB knows it is lads, now whisht up a while.

Yes indeed, the Irish are boggle eyed from all that emerald greenery. So to liven nature up  a little, and prevent naturey over-familiarisation, the Irish are likely to throw in some music, at a whim, just to help nature out a little.

Here’s an example, from 21 June 2015, at the stone circle in MB’s HX homeland:





5 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

  1. MB is thinking that your question has a deeper meaning TH. He may have lost the orchestra, as you astutely observe, but he may have also lost the plot! A sort of metaphor for the entire Middle East, without the involvement of sand or camels, as it were. MB values very much your (asexual) Freudian analysis of his many posts. Keep up the good work my good man!


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  3. Are you sure this post isn’t just a fiddle to try and trick us, MB? Or does that get your Irish up? I was expecting sand, not the Emerald Isle. Thanks for surprising me.



    • Belated greetings & thanks for comment J. Did you know that the cello is part of the violin (aka fiddle) family of musical instruments? Maybe you did. If not, another pearl of knowledge for your brain from your Irishman!

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