A Lebanese Wedding – Faces & Fashion

Last post on the Lebanese Wedding! 

Big thanks to C&P for the invitation to MB. Hopefully, C&P can see from the posts how much MB enjoyed the whole trip and his Lebanese wedding experience. Good luck and best wishes to you both.

Any more Lebanese getting married??!!!


7 Comments on “A Lebanese Wedding – Faces & Fashion

  1. Wow, what a fantastic gallery … love weddings .. my favourite is Scottish because of all the kilts Was at two weddings in Kosovo last year … what an adventure.m

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  2. Hi mickeal,

    Thanks for your posts / observations on the wedding, I (and many of my friends) enjoyed them a lot!
    You took a very nice picture of me… Would it be possible to send me the original?? Im the girl in the red / burgundy up to the neck dress holding a glass of white wine looking to the side.




    • Hi Ev. Thanks you for the compliments! I can not see your photo however. Can you direct me to Nr X photo from the top or bottom of the post? Send your email address to Crystal and I will forward to her in the highest resolution possible. MB


  3. That looks like one heckuva party, MB! I’m sure the bride and groom will greatly appreciate all the memories you captured so well.

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  4. I enjoyed your blog as much as you enjoyed your trip to Lebanon. You kept C&P wedding alive in our memory with your nice description. Very nice shots


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