An Open Apology To Dolly Parton 

A blog post that went viral in the last week or so with over 2.5M views, and still climbing. Worth a read, and informative about a side of Dolly Parton that most would be unaware of, outside of the USA at least. The author thinks its popularity has something to do with the current social divide in the US of A. Maybe.


Dear Dolly,

10040291_300x300I’ll be honest. I used to think you were a bimbo. I used to think you flaunted your big boobs, teased hair, tiny waist, and your syrupy-sweet southern accent just to sell yourself and your brand as a country singer. Granted, I was raised in the Midwest and lived as an adult for many years in the Northeast. I didn’t get you, much less the South.

For example, I’d heard about your origins as a poor girl from the hills of East Tennessee, and when I learned you’d created a theme park in your native Sevier County I rolled my eyes. “Really, a theme park?” I thought. “As if rollercoasters will really help the people of rural Appalachia. Why not create something truly useful to give back to your community, like a library.”


You have created a library, actually, and possibly in a bigger and more…

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4 Comments on “An Open Apology To Dolly Parton 

  1. Thank you for sharing Amy Rawe’s wonderful post. She certainly has deepened my appreciation for Dolly Parton.


  2. I have always regarded Dolly as something of a genius: have you ever heard Coat of Many Colours? And my friend’s late dad who was in the CIA and very shrewd was a huge admirer too.


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