Weekly Photo Challenge – Frame


The ruins of ‘Crokers’ estate house, framed through a whitethorn bush, directly across the road from the farmhouse where MB and siblings grew up in Grange, just north of HX, Limerick, SW Ireland.


The ruins of Crokers Estate House at Grange, Limerick, SW Ireland



3 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Frame

    • Interestingly Miss J (MB’s comments are always interesting says you), this house and many more throughout the length & breadth of Ireland fell into disrepair following the Irish War of Independence, with the confiscation of the big estates and the distribution of the lands to the native Irish. (Normally) British family owned, the owners returned to the home country and the houses were neglected. Also, a major factor was a house tax in 1950s Ireland. Many farmers, on whose lands the old houses lay unoccupied, removed the roofs to avoid having to pay the tax. Crokers is one such victim of that particular episode as far as I am aware. You can read a little more about it here – http://www.via-antiqua.com/?p=1021.

      Thank you for the ongoing weekly education MB.

      Don’t mention J.

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