Less than 24 hours ago, the bridges over the Bosphorus Straits were closed by Turkish army units who were attempted a coup. The coup failed. For medium-term or longer-term impacts we must wait and see. MB is no fan of Erdogan, but he does not support any coup.

MB has traveled to Istanbul a number of times in recent years and took many shots of the Bosphorus and its bridges. Herewith:



3 Comments on “Turkey

  1. Thank you for this fascinating glimpse into a place and a culture I’m not likely to experience for myself, MB.

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  2. Erdogon is democratically elected leader that’s why hated by Western,Global government.
    His popularity proven again


    • He was democratically voted into power by 52% of the Turkish voters, after losing the previous election. In the eyes of many Turkish people, and in mine, he is not a man who acts in the interest of Turkey, but only in the interests of himself. You are aware that he tries to put more and more power in the hands of the President (himself) and away from the Prime Minister. His dealings with the Kurds would indicate that he is more interested in war with them than peace. And he also likes to play the Islamic card, more in self-interest than anything else in my opinion. Does a religious man really need a 1,000 room palace?


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