Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve


MB will go anywhere to get the shot. He will wrestle with alligators, tussle with whales, handcuff lightning, throw thunder in jail, murder a rock, injure a stone, hospitalise a brick, or make medicine sick – just to get the shot.

This week he is in a cave in the middle of a glacier high up the French Alps.

Take the small vintage train from the ski-resort village of Chamonix up through the forested mountains to the glacier at Montenvers, approx 2,000m above sea level. The cunning French have carved some caves into the glacier to encourage tourists to hand over many euros to use the train, drink the vino and eat the bread & cheese, while all the time giving the impression that they only want you to ‘experience’ the glacier.

Anyway, here is one of MB’s shots from inside the (curved) cave:


Inside the glacier at Montenvers, Chamonix, France



5 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve

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    • You must grab life by the scruff of the neck J. Be the architect of your own fortune. And quit asking MB for handouts. Go tussle with some whales or some such. In the interim, MB will gorge himself on the bounty of his own adventures. Me, full bellied Tarzan. You, hungry Jane!


      • As the Bard probably said, “Sweet cuz, why you got to be so mean??” No gorging allowed or you will be entering photos of the curve of your belly in the photo challenge. As for me, I’m off to wrestle some ‘gators.

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