May the force be with you. The FIFA force that is. Or the UEFA force for the coming weeks. Funny meme on facebook in recent days about the guy who bought a Euro football ticket many months back, forgetting that the date of the game clashed with his wedding date. He then proceeds to ask – “I know it’s short notice – but is anyone interested in getting married in two weeks time”. Haha!

As someone who has been involved in the sport of football for many many years, MB has seen all the positives. If he even forgets about the physical health aspects and the occasional glory of achievement or winning, he could list confidence building, bringing some kids out of their shells, friendships outside of school ones, keeping some kids on the straight & narrow who might otherwise go off in less desirous directions, and giving some kids a ‘family’ when home circumstances may not be that great. Football, like many sports, offers far more than meets the eye, especially where kids are concerned. In the experience of MB at least.

How sad that many are traveling to France at the moment with a slight unease. The threat to safety from those who despise sport and openness and all that is good for the soul, casts a slight shadow over football affairs in France at present. Let’s hope & pray that the shadow doesn’t turn to a dark cloud.

So well wishes to all traveling to the matches. Tickets are hard to come by and some of MB’s young friends from back home in HX are traveling without any.  They will watch the games in the fan zones if they can’t get to watch the games live. Ireland will play their opening round games in Paris, Bordeaux & Lille – no hopers as usual but will enjoy the fun.


Pic from MBs trip home two weeks back when MB’s HX club were celebrating winning a season double.




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