A Suitable Girl

MB is very often a first port of call when life’s winds are howling. And so it came to pass again in recent days, when MB received the following email from a young Saudi friend:

Do you know a European Muslim girl living in uae?
I want a wife.
I did not find wife here.
Please help me.
The email was entitled – URGENT

Mr Mo was one of the last people MB shook hands with when he departed Saudi Arabia a few short years back; two years ago to be precise. Contact between MB & Mr Mo has been maintained since then through some emails and the occasional phone call. Mr Mo is now 28 years old and hails from the city of Mecca. He is currently a junior judge in the local courts. He is a good egg, if MB may say so, and has a very good sense of humour. All in all a really nice lad.
Which now brings MB to the crux of this post; namely the search for a suitable girl.
Mr Mo, presumably not wanting too many headaches with the family back home, is looking for a young lady of similar religion to his own. This issue of specification might sound a little strange to people from MB’s neck of the woods, but in much of the world this is par for the course. So let’s not dwell for too long on this matter.
The requirement for a “European” lady is reflective of Mr Mo’s modern outlook on life, liking as he does modern music, movies and other things that most of rest of the world takes for granted, but are forbidden by law in Saudi Arabia. He is assuming that at least if the Muslim girl has had a European upbringing, there will be a good chance that she will have similar modern tastes to his own. A good call, one would think.
In a following email to MB, Mr Mo confirmed that ‘European’ is not an absolute requirement. It’s more about the mentality. So this degree of elasticity widens the geographical area rather more, which should assist the search.
MB is also assuming that there may be some pressure on Mr Mo to ‘go local’ from family and others.But as we can read from the email, he has not found a suitable candidate from the home stable in the two years of searching. And for those not in the know, members of the police, army and judiciary in Saudi Arabia are generally not permitted to marry non Saudis. So by going down the route he is presently planning, Mr Mo will become involved in certain difficulties that will have to be overcome at a later stage. And God is good, as the old saying goes, so hopefully such red tape rigmarole can be defeated.
So, dear followers of the HX Report, MB throws the search open to you all. If there is any interest, please make MB aware and he will facilitate the introductions. The reward of an alluring trip to a Saudi Arabian wedding awaits the the finder of the suitable girl. If that does’t entice followers to work hard on the search, nothing will.
MB awaits your replies.

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