Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration


MB admires very much the unpaid volunteers from his home community who man the Lough Gur lake Heritage Centre. As well as giving of their daily time to look after the shop and interactive displays for visiting tourists, they also act as guides for those who wish to gain some knowledge of local monuments. Some of those same monuments date back over 6,000 years.

Check out www.loughgur.com for further info on MB’s home locality.

The Lough Gur Heritage Centre


A local Guide with a group of visiting tourists at the Grange Stone Circle


5 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration

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  2. I’m wondering too where you were when you took the photo of the Heritage Centre? Were you helicoptered by the fairies?! A guide at the Centre said the hair stood on his neck on Sunday afternoon, ie the 24th April, when he heard the faint sound of pipes playing over the lake. He found out when he went home that the sound had drifted across the water from Grange (invisible from there), where a piper played at a memorial ceremony.


    • As you know J, I am regular visitor to Tir Na Nog through the local gateway and am well known to the fairy guardians of the gate. They help me on occasion with the photos when a particularly difficult shot will be taken. Good spot!


  3. MB, that is an amazing photo of the Heritage Centre over water. I am trying to work out where you were when you snapped it – looks to be taken from the lake (boat?) or from dry land at the far end big zoom?) Just wondering. Lovely photos. TH.


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