That was the week that was

It’s the end of another Middle East week and the Friday/Saturday weekend looms large. Seems like it was only a day or two back when the week actually started. This last one just zipped along for sure. Maybe the older you get the quicker the weeks fly by. The end of your time gets closer and time speeds up it seems.  Maybe it’s something to do with Einstein and his waves. Einstein’s always coming up with stuff to explain stuff it seems. When he was alive at least. But back them nobody had a clue what he was on about. Just like now. E=MC2. Ya right.

Anyway, Einstein never posted any reviews on Trip Adviser. Unlike MB. If he did they would have all been unfathomable stuff about time travel an’ all, and nobody would have had a clue what he was on about. Totally unlike MB’s reviews, which are all the rage it seems. All across the universe (MB’s starting to sound like John Lennon). Trip Adviser likes to send regular personal emails to MB telling him how much the inhabitants of the universe are lovin’ MB’s reviews. Just like the food in MacDonalds, they’re lovin’ it, according to the Trip Adviser people. MB assumes it’s the Trip Adviser Top Management keeps writing to him to encourage him to persevere with the brilliant reviews. MB is sure TA wouldn’t allow lowly serf-type employees to send communications to one of its top contributors. In case they would screw up and insult MB with some low-level nonsense. And then MB just might pull the plug on the whole TA thingy and sink the entire TA shipy. Seems that MB is in the top 15% of contributors. And just hot off the Trip Adviser press today is the news that the majority of MB’s readers are Yankee Doodles, from the US of A. Some time back, TA advised MB that his biggest readership came from China. But MB guesses that’s just the way life goes. One week you are flavour of the month in China, and next thing you know, the Chinese are all back eating large bowls of chicken noodles and ignoring MB’s brilliant reviews. And then the Yankee Doodles latch on to MB’s brilliant reviews and start taking trips to follow in the footsteps of MB. Yankee Doodle sheep, MB is thinking.

MB met a young Turkish artist kid down the souq tonight. His favourite colour is light blue. So much so, he was selling a painting of a lady with light blue hair. He was also selling a decent pencil sketch of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. On asking, he informed MB that he had never actually been to Istanbul in his entire life. Came from Antalya in the South of Turkey, and just never took the trip up North to visit MB’s favourite city. MB never asked him how he managed to sketch the mosque from hundreds of miles down South, when the mosque is actually hundreds of miles up North. Anyway, it’s not a question to ask an artist, MB is thinking. An artist would think a person who asked such a question is just some kind of arsehole. So MB didn’t ask. And anyway, MB didn’t think of the question ’till much later. Nice kid. Let’s hope he does well selling the paintings of the ladies with light blue hair. Kind of a radical idea in this region. Radicals deserve to do well, MB is thinking. For being radical.

MB is half way through reading a book called The Catcher In The Rye. MB has no idea why the book is called The Catcher In The Rye. Maybe this mystery will reveal itself in the second half of the book. Things often get revealed in the second half of a book, MB is thinking. Otherwise, readers would only read the first half of a book, and not bother with the second. And then where would the world be and where would it all end. Only Einstien could answer such a question. And he’s dead as a dodo. So we won’t be getting any answers to that question any time soon. Not unless Einstein comes riding back to us on one of those waves. But don’t hold your breath, MB is thinking.

MB is also some way through a book called Finnegans Wake. MB actually understands why the book is called Finnegans Wake, but apart from that, like almost every other person in the entire universe who’s tried to read it, he doesn’t understand much else. It is significant for its experimental style and reputation as one of the most difficult works of fiction in the English language, according to Wikipedia. And if you don’t understand a single sentence almost, then the author could just be on a massive bullshitting exercise to confuse the hell out of all the readers, MB is thinking. A bit like Einstein with his theories an’ all. Bullshitters always confuse everyone; that’s for sure. Academics are afraid of bullshitters, MB is thinking. If they don’t understand a single sentence in a book they play safe and describe the book as experimental and difficult instead of telling the truth; that they didn’t understand a single sentence, and in all probability the book is a complete pile of bullshit. But anyway, MB will persevere and try to get to the end of Finnegans Wake before he delivers any encyclical. MB will just park the bus for the moment on that one, and return to HX followers at another time with his truthful verdict. To be continued…….

MB just cracked open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. Many people think that Chileans are just a bunch of coal miners, peasant farmers and goat herders. But they are much more than that, MB is thinking. They grow decent grapes on those mountain slopes, and MB is damn grateful for their efforts, living as he does in the hot desert lands with only a wadi or two to quench his thirst. Unless you can manage to get your hands on a few bottles of Sauvignon Blanc from Chile that is, MB is thinking. MB is also just reminded that a Yankee Doodle blogger guy called DOAT wished MB well last week in the land of no alcho pops and such like. Well here’s to you DOAT. Cheers.

And that’s about it for the past week, MB is thinking. Here’s to the weekend, and to the week ahead. May the wind be at your backs. Regards to all.


Young Turk Artist Kid + Lady With Light Blue Hair + The Blue Mosque (in B&W)


Turkish kid who has never traveled to Istanbul. God almighty!




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