60 Minutes

MB’s recent post At The Match was mere days old when pirhana-like US TV Show ’60 Minutes’ latched on and without so much as a ‘Thank you MB, let’s share the treasure‘ released news of their upcoming programme on the Irish sport of Hurling. Based solely on MB’s post of 23 September, the nakedly brazen 60 Minuters released a 2 minutes 23 second intro video of the show, which aired in full last week, on 06 October. The dates alone make it an open and shut case in the humble, yet slightly legalistic, opinion of MB.

Seeing is believing, as JC said to a doubter some 2,000 years back. Take a look dear HX followers, and tell MB that those Yankee dogs at CBS did not steal MB’s post – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhPpiAbnAZ8

So to cut to the chase.

MB is willing to kiss and make up. He is willing to forgive and forget. He will turn the other cheek. He will not indulge in an eye for an eye. His forgiveness knows no bounds. No siree. No bounds at all.

In short, MB wants his just deserts. His slice of the pie. His unquestionable genius came up with the idea and the format. He did the spadework. He worked his blogging fingers to the bone, and ended up with ten real boney fingers.

So 60 Minute dogs, you are granted 60 days (kinda generous, but MB will play along with the ’60’ theme you guys seem to like) by MB to get your ’60 Minute Jack Sparrow’ to make contact with MB and arrange rendezvous in any Middle Eastern country of your choice (except for Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen) to hand over a fair share of the loot. Let’s say, 51% of the advertising revenue taken during the show. As long as MB’s share comes to more than $1M he doesn’t give a shit about audit trail paperwork or due diligence. And with all due respect – MB prefers green backs. Do not arrive with a cheque.

In times past MB has let such situations pass. He has allowed others to feast at the bounty of MB’s making. But alas, MB is in no situation to be generous at present. Sales of MB’s awesome 15-page book on Amazon called ‘Cat – The adventures of a Psychic Cat‘ haven’t exactly been booming, so he has to take a Sharia-type approach to scoundrels and thieves at present.

So cough up Mr 60 Minutes. In 60 Minutes or 60 Days. Whatever. But that’s the max.

Or else there’s gonna be big big trouble.

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