I’m all shook up

The information contained within this post is not for reblogging or sharing. It is strictly and exclusively for HX blog followers. As it contains a revelation known only to a few.

Oh she dressed in the dark and she whispered amen
She was pretty in pink like a young girl again
Twenty years married and she never thought twice
She sneaked out the door and walked into the night
And silver wings carried her over the sea
From the west coast of Ireland to West Tennessee
To be with her sweetheart, oh she left everything
From Galway to Graceland to be with the king

The above is the first verse of ‘From Galway to Graceland’. The song concerns the actions of an Elvis-obsessed Irish female who left her husband to be with the (dead at this stage) King. The second verse confirms she had ELVIS I LOVE YOU tattooed on her breast. An ‘Elvis obsessed’ like no other. But before reading further, it would be a good idea to listen to the entire piece. For it is highly relevant to the staggering revelation.


In the years since the alleged death of The King, HX followers will be aware of the speculation. Did he die or did he not? Are the occasional ‘sightings’ true or not? And if Elvis did not pass away, where oh where might he now be residing?

Maybe he just needed to get away from all the fame & fortune and the pressures that go with it. So conceivably, the King staged a very elaborate ‘funeral’ and a whole ‘death show’ to pull off one of the all-time great disappearing acts to restore some peace and sanity to a troubled King’s mind.

So suspicion exists to this day in the minds of millions of fans that Elvis is still alive. And maybe even taking part in Elvis Impersonation contests under slight disguise and even slipping in a few bum notes into the song, lest he actually win and draw unwanted attention. The fact that one of Elvis’s biggest hits was called ‘Suspicious Minds’ can hardly be a coincidence, given all that’s happened since his death. It now looks like that song title was conceived by the King as a sort of prophecy, which he would one day fulfill. But the question remains, Dead or not dead?

And now dear HX followers, put your lowly selves in the mind of a King for a moment if you can, and consider where you might disappear to under such circumstances. Would you perhaps consider a country where women have Elvis I Love You tattoed on their breast? A country where Elvis bosoms aplenty await. Would you throw on your freshly acquired wig, slap on some disguise make-up and disappear to the musical/literary/arty Emerald Isle (aka Ireland)? Yes. MB thinks you would. Yes. Indeed he does.

And were you then shortly later to arrive in same Emerald Isle, where might you consider to mingle with locals and go native? Well, no money for guessing HX ladies. Yes, you would immediately get the train and bus and horse to eventually arrive at the HX hill station, have a beer or two in the local pub and at same time getting all the required info from a trusted local such as MB. And just instantly disappear in thin HX air. Sadly leaving behind millions of fans with their pained suspicious minds. Did he die or did he not? Shall we open the tomb? (not unless you want to spend long spell ‘doing time’, reply the Graceland police). Who the fuck is that Irish lady with the tattoed breast hanging around the grave every day? WTF is going on?

Yes indeed. So many suspicions and unanswered questions. Unanswered until now that is. For MB wishes to reveal almost all.

MB will not reveal all all, as a King is as entitled to his privacy as any other man. So MB will not reveal the exact house/cave/hill/forest/lake/farm/cattle shed/sports stadium/underground weapons bunker that Elvis presently resides in, but MB can assure HX follower most assuredly that Elvis Presley (‘The King’) is alive and well and living in HX. Happy as a pig in muck amongst the HX locals. Playing an odd party or gig in the HX pub. Sometimes dressing like he is still doing Vegas shows or sometimes in just plain jeans and t-shirt. And sometimes showing up at family birthday parties at MB’s request. Just like two nights back in one of the local HX hostelries. No suspicious minds in HX for sure……………..!

From HX two nights back:



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