Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration


The natural beauty of MB’s homeland is always an inspiration every time he’s home to get out the camera and start clicking.

This shot is one of MBs from the New Year’s early morning mass by the frozen Lough Gur lake on 01.01.2010, which was a 10th anniversary celebration of a similar mass held to welcome the new millennium on 01.01.2000. MB attended that one also but alas did not have a camera. The priest inspires the flock on this particular morning with his sermon and all are inspired by the beauty of the surrounding nature.



3 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration

    • Hi Janet. Think I accidentally deleted your comment to my latest ‘Under Your Feet’ post. Or else its the Gods taking displeasure at your disbarring comment! Anyway, thanks for comment. Was a fascinating spectacle to watch. 4 or 5 cremations going on at any one time throughout the day. Visitors allowed to take photos from the other side of the Bagmati. Regards.


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