A Week Of Women – Day 1

A Qatari lady wears a face mask called a ‘burqa’ – not to be confused with the same word used in Western countries to describe the head to toe black dress that is also worn in these parts – that ‘burqa’ name comes from Afghanistan. The ‘burqa face mask is often work by elderly ladies in the Gulf region. The younger ones are are much less likely to wear one, preferring sun glasses by ‘Prada’ and others.


5 Comments on “A Week Of Women – Day 1

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  2. Thanks for comment CG. There may be an element of truth in all you say. My explanation is of the original reason they came into being. The ‘modesty’ reason seems to be foremost.


  3. Michael, are they worn to disguise or enhance the face of a woman? My apologies for my ignorance. I’ll Google, but would still appreciate your thoughts.


    • Neither. They have a religious significance. Muslim ladies should cover their hair (by religious custom rather than any exact specifics of the Quran holy book which requires only ‘modesty’). So the design of the burqa is taking this idea to its extreme – as it hides the eyebrows and any possible lip hair. You will never see younger ladies wearing them.

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      • Thank you for your explanation. When I googled, I received various explanations: used as adornment (i.e., fashion accessory), for modesty, and some women wore them as instructed by their sect, or tribe).


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