Weekly Photo Challenge – Orange

The challenge is ‘Orange‘.

In October 2012 MB traveled to Nepal.

On the final day of his trip he visited the Pashupatinath Temple which is situated on the most holy river in Nepal called the Bagmati. The dead of Kathmandu are brought to the temple each day to be burnt on funeral pyres. The Buddhists consider a funeral to be a happy occasion as the dead soul continues on the reincarnation journey towards nirvana.

The dead body first has it’s feet dipped in the holy river. It is then placed on the timber funeral pyre where the initial part of the ceremony involves placing straw into the mouth of the deceased. When the straw is set alight it is considered that the soul is released at that exact moment. The body is then covered with additional straw & timber logs and the entire lot set ablaze. Sugar is placed on the burning body at various times to lessen the smell from the burning human flesh.

Photo Nr 1 – The feet are dipped into the holy river to purify the body in preparation for the reincarnation journeyBody2

Photo Nr 2 – Straw is placed in the mouth of the deceased and set alight to release the soul. Additional logs and straw are then placed on top of the body to assist the burning processBody3

Photo Nr 3 – Sugar is thrown on the burning body to reduce the smell

6 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Orange

  1. I agree, fascinating but a bit too harsh for my taste. Although I suppose lying among the worms without hope of either breeze or light might be even worse. Guess I’ll just have to live forever!


    • If you wish to live forever you merely have to refer to my ‘Keeper’ post of last weekend to gain insight into how it’s done. Leave it with you!


  2. A life lived is to be celebrated. I’m always fascinated how cultures vary in their tributes.
    Peace and may their journeys be blessed.


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