Bringing Order To Chaos

We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

Many moons ago the Star Trek series gave us lots of Sci Fi goodies. Phaser weapons, hand held computers, medical sensors, programmable syringes, androids, universal translation, teleporters and much much more. Almost all have, believe it or believe it not, entered the realms of science fact or are the subject of substantial research programmes in certain countries. ‘You gotta be seriously kidding us MB!’ Not in the least lads, most certainly not. Take a gander at the following:

MB loves Star Trek.

Phasers on ‘stun’ when the situation is threatening, but sort of manageable. Phasers on ‘kill’ when the shit is about to splatter all over the fan. Like much of Star Trek, a lesson for life in one or two simple phrases. Completely & utterly deadly!

But for MB, the most gripping riveting awesomely addictive episodes are those involving the Borg. For those not in the know, the Borg are (and MB stresses the word ‘are’, for he is sure they are out there somewhere) a race of beings who exist only for the purpose of achieving perfection. To bring order to chaos. The pursuit of an unemotional, mechanical perfection in every way is the Borg’s only motivation. MB asks you to ponder that for a moment lads. Existing only to achieve perfection. Head-spinning concept or what?!

‘Wow MB. They must be ruled by a benign benevolent beautiful being and be just about the greatest most Godly goodly goody goodies in the entire universe. N’est pas MB?’

Sadly not lads. They spout some sexy headlines. But beneath the paper-thin exterior lurks the nastiest most blood-thirsty freaks that ever existed in any quadrant of the Galaxy you care to mention.

‘But how come MB? How can such a glorious ambition take us to such a hell?’

The answer is simple lads. The Borg remove the freedom of choice. The Borg inform all that they must only assimilate into the collective. Or die. No other choice is offered. Assimilation involves wanton violence, dismemberment, mass kidnappings, and mind control. The Borg are super-technically advanced, with stacks of weaponry & resources. Resistance is futile. Assimilate or die.

‘And how do they operate MB? Must be some clever clogs in their midst?’

Surely indeed lads. The Borg possess a ‘hive mind’ with a single assimilated being called the ‘Borg Queen’ at the head. The Queen Bee so to speak. The hive mind reasons the answer and the Borg Queen issues the decision.

‘Get real MB. There is no Borg. There is no collective. There is no hive mind. There is no Queen Bee. It’s just a pile of sci fi gobbledygook & nonsense’.

MB guesses you are correct lads. The Borg could never exist. Not in the technologically advanced USA or Europe. And for sure it could never evolve in the Middle East.


However, notwithstanding the above & worryingly, MB spotted the following in Doha a few days back:


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