Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy

This week’s photo challenge asks bloggers to post a photo to suit the theme – Dreamy. MB was recently in his Irish homeland. One of the dreamiest places on the planet.

Herewith – 10 of the best from MB’s Irish trip. From counties Limerick & Waterford. Double click for larger view:
IMG_6995 IMG_7230 IMG_7403A IMG_7419 IMG_7455 IMG_7560 IMG_7752 IMG_7805 IMG_7820 IMG_7835

7 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy

    • Many thanks for comment Judy. The 2nd pic – approx 500m from my house in Limerick, Ireland, the road rises to the top of a small hill. I stood on a farmer’s gate late one evening near the top of the hill and took that shot, looking back in the direction of my house. I like it too!


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