Photo 15/30: Sugar

The Idea 
Have decided to post a photo per day for 30 days, each based on a word or theme. Feel free to offer a word or theme challenge to MB in the comment box below.

Photo 15/30
When it comes to food (or anything else), never under-estimate the Turks! They are the food wizards of the world. The entire population should be called Merlin.

The recent trip to Istanbul has left MB with many tasty tastes long lingering in the mouth. And some extra inches on the waistline. Will return to the Istanbul food topic another time. But for the moment, and on the theme of sugar – MB gives you a shot of some fruits (from an Istanbul food shop) made entirely from marzipan (which has sugar ingredient). And get this. Those crafty Turks have added some magical flavourings that make them taste exactly like their real fruit cousins!


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