Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Punk is not dead!

Spotted this graffiti monument to the 1970s in an Istanbul back street few days back.


7 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

  1. Of all the photos you would have taken in Istanbul
    The history – the architecture – the meeting of east and west and a city that boasts such a wonderful mix of cultures and religions – the trading cross roads of silks, perfumes, foods and wares
    Yet you dedicate your blog to PUNK and the surrounding rubbish – ???? tribute???
    I am now a non-believer in you and your blog
    A distressed Aussie


    • Never mind the bollocks, here’s MB! The Photo theme this week is ‘Monument’. MB has risen to the challenge in a monumental way, and not in the cliched architectural manner that some (very mentally) distressed Aussie might prefer!


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