Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


14 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. Wow, stunning shot. It’s beautiful, really.
    Hope you are well my friend,


  2. This shot begs interpretation but I can’t chance it; the possibilities are endless and I just know I’d get it wrong.
    Beautiful on so many levels.


    • Thanks Miss H. Was visiting an Arab friend who lived in a small village near Buraydah in central Saudi Arabia. He took me to see a very old derelict village that is being rebuilt. Took this shot of him as he exited one of the buildings that was under refurbishment. The opening framed him perfectly as he exited.


      • Thank you for the info! Saudi Arabia was my first thought, but then I realized that this could have been taken in several countries in the Middle East. I guess I should have checked out the tags. Still new to this blogging phenomena! LOL


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