Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


One Comment on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

  1. hi Mick its been a long time since I mailed you I love all your stuff for the want of a better word, half marathons no less fair play to you your photos from Grange church yard included my Uncle Tom which is nice to have, just watching U20 rugby vs Scotland only 3 Munster lads 10 from the Pale as usual D4 accents all round,Sunday for the real thing while we are talking sport I have the Cross on Sunday vs the Boro on U L asto turf in a friendly I did a recent league game against Weston Villa young Raerdon scored a hatrick he is very good, in lots of ways the team are really focused this season and its always great to chat to old family friends my 2 nephews are playing with the Cross under age Owen and Colm O Loughlin reminds me to sponsor a football or two soon, our weather is shite tonight storms up to 130 an hour storms on the way, its 27-0 to Ireland after 60 mins, well Mick that’s it for another year ha ha I’m not into face-book or any of the latest fads god bless from Shannon Town say hello to Allah      


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